Dates for November 2021 announced

Dear all,

We were well and truly ‘corana’d’ last year, but we hope to complete the final year of this five year project in the next Session

The dates we have booked are

Aviemore – 1/2 November and 8/9 November Peter White Isaiah

Inchyra – 22/23 November and 29/30 November Derek Newton Revelation

Put these dates in your diary and we will send you a note when we open the bookings at the end of August. The hope is that, all things being equal, we will then be able to conclude in the Spring of next year

The invitation is a gift for any who preach Jesus Christ, who sit under His Word and who are prepared to love on another. On this basis, you are invited to share this with any who you think might be interested in joining us.

May the Lord bless you in His Work

Nigel Barge

Not 2020, perhaps 2021

We have been well and truly “co-vided”!

As a result, we have postponed the 5th and final year of these meetings, first the four in Spring as previously announced, and now all four in Autumn.

We hope to run these next year. Please pencil in to your diaries these Provisional dates for Spring 2021:

May    10-11               Inchyra                Derek Newton….. Revelation
           17-18               Aviemore             Peter White….. Isaiah
  May 31- June 1    Inchyra                Derek Newton….. Revelation
June 7-8                   Aviemore             Peter White….. Isaiah

In March 2020, with 5 weeks to go, we had 74 bookings for the Spring Gatherings. This was a step up from previous ones and well on the way to the target of 100 over the 4 gatherings. This was an encouragement from the Lord to look at continuing this work beyond the 5 years. I am investigating funding for this.

May the Lord bless you in His Work.

Nigel Barge, 1 September, 2020