Hearing the Word

An Aide for teachers of the Word

Give someone a fish and you feed them for a day. Teach someone to fish and you feed them for a life-time.

(Chinese Proverb)

Our goal as teachers of the Word is not to make people dependent on our ability but rather to encourage them to engage with the Lord, in His Word, for them­selves. The question is, ‘How do we do it?!’

On Sunday?…  It is said that people retain only 5% of what they hear. It is a sober­ing thought for the preacher that 95% of all the ‘blood, sweat and tears’ of pre­paration during the week is going to be lost to our hearers on Sunday! How are we to make our teaching more effective?

Educationalists tell us that if people prepare and familiarize themselves with a subject before receiving the work of a teacher, they will retain and learn consider­ably more of each ‘lesson’. The question for the teacher of the Word, therefore, is – ‘How can we encourage our people to engage with the Word and think about it for themselves before they face our sermons?’

 ‘Hearing the Word’ addresses this question in two ways:

  1. The Introduction Course

This 4-hour, interactive course, suitable for novice and expert alike, encourages people in a straightforward way to engage with any part of the Word of God.

2. Bible Studies

Workbooks for individual or group use provide basic information on the text that the original hearers would have known. They equip people today to explore the Word and talk about it together. They tackle all genres of Scripture: law, letters, narrative, parables, poetry, prophecy, and the end times. There are workbooks for a dozen Books of the Bible so far, with more being added all the time. Each one provides between six and ten consecutive studies. Most have matching Leader’s Guides.

In a nutshell – Hearing the Word enables us to do all that we humanly can, as we read the Word. Thereafter, we are dependent on the grace of God and the work of His Spirit to reveal Himself to us.

The Introduction Course

Learning to read the Word of God more closely

An interactive 4 hour course, examining 1 Bible passage in 10 ways

TEACHING a principle

TRYING it individually

TEASING it out in groups of 3 or 4

TALKING about it all together

Suitable for novice and expert alike

Cost including workbook: Adult £5.00; Student or school pupil, £3.00

Venue     We can come to churches in Scotland.   Or you can run it yourself.     

Date              Mutually arranged 

Time              Friday 7.30 – 9.15;    Saturday 9.30 – 12.30  works best

For more details, or to discuss arranging a Course, email: info@preachers gathering.org.uk

Bible Study Guides

The Introduction Course Workbook includes six consecutive studies that Follow On from the one examined. Thereafter, we publish numerous Study Guides covering seven genres of Bible writing:

Narrative, Parable, Poetry, Prophecy, Law, Letters and Visions of End days.

The Guides provide useful information to put today’s readers in the same position as the original readers or hearers:

a)   Help in reading this particular type of Bible literature.

b)   Background information about the book and its author.

c)   Notes on contemporary customs and religious words whose meaning is not self evident in the text.

d)   Basic references to other relevant Bible passages.

Most Workbooks have a corresponding Leader’s Guide, for use by the preacher or a house group leader. These show questions others have asked on the passage, with possible answers. Leaders should encourage their groups to ask their own questions (not read ours out to the group) and work out their own answers from the passage and context (though if the questions match ours, the supplied answers may help).

If several house groups use one workbook to study the same passage each week, the preacher can elaborate on Sunday to a well-prepared audience.

Print versions are available, generally costing £5.00 per Leader’s Guide and £2.50 for the matching Workbooks. They are numbered in Biblical Order.

Here are Web versions:

Leader’s Guides

Psalms Volume 1 LG

Exodus 1-5 LG