Gathering for final-year Trainee Preachers

Trainee preachers in their final year are warmly invited to a special version of Preachers’ Gathering. It will include two lectures introducing one book of the Bible, and the Introduction Course for Hearing the Word.

The accommodation, food and materials will be provided by a small Christian Trust, as a gift, at no cost to those attending. The preacher’s spouse is included in the invitation.

Date              28/29th  February 2020

Time             Friday 4 pm – Saturday 4 pm 

Place             Macdonald’s Inchyra Grange Hotel, Falkirk


*  Preaching James – an introduction to the NT letter of James for preachers, giving them an overview of it, with suggestions of how it might be preached. Includes Derek Newton’s two Booklets on “Preaching James”:   1.   Introduction 56 pp.  2. Sermon Outlines 60pp

+  ‘Hearing the Word’ Introduction Course   This demon­strates a tool, useful for teachers of the Word. Its aim is to show all people they can read the Scriptures for themselves. It lasts 4 hours, is inter-active, may be used in any church situation and is designed to profit the “hardened” (!) believer and the novice alike. A Workbook will be provided for each participant.

#  Prayer – in groups of three. Each person gets 10 minutes to share about themselves, their family and their church situation; then for 5 minutes, the other two pray for them. Total, 45 mins. 

#   *  +  see next page


Friday 28/2/2020

3.30pm         Coffee

4.00                         Introductions

4.15                         Preaching James  *    (a)                     Derek Newton 

5.15                         Honest prayer  #

6.00                                   Free time

7.30               Dinner

9.00pm                  Hearing the Word   +  (1)                     Nigel Barge

Saturday  29/2/2020

From 7.00   Breakfast

9.00am                   Devotions

9.15                         Hearing the Word   +  (2)                     Nigel Barge

10.45             Coffee

11.00                      Hearing the Word   +  (3)                     Nigel Barge

12.45pm       Lunch

                                           Free time

2.45                        Preaching James   *   (b)                     Derek Newton

4.00                                  Finish

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