Preachers’ Gathering

We believe that preachers of the Bible need to:

  • keep honing their bible teaching skills.
  • be encouraged where God has called them.

In 2022 we intend, God willing, to complete the 5th and final year of the project of ‘Preachers Gatherings’.

Our intention remains to give preachers in Scotland who are willing to sit under the Word of God and who are intent on loving those who belong to Jesus, the gift of a refreshing stay in a good hotel, and practical encouragement for preaching the whole counsel of Scripture. All are welcome who would share these objectives. (Over the years we have been joined by preachers from around 10 streams or denominations.)

This year Peter White is going to lay out Isaiah and Derek Newton, Revelation. Their task is to get busy, hard pressed preachers around these books with the possible prospect of being able to gather commentaries and prepare to start a series within two weeks!

Some books already addressed over the past 4 years can be found on this website.

Up to 25 preachers and their spouses from any church or denomination, can receive the gift of an overnight hotel stay for the:-

Preachers programme.         Spouses programme.

You can find out about upcoming events here

As well as being refreshed and equipped for service the aim is that prayerful and supportive relationships develop – so folk might continue to meet monthly in small local groups e.g. the Preachers’ Picnic.